[The personal information collected items of]

A. Our seamless customer consultation, the provision of various services, such as the following personal information is collected.
- Name, id, contacts, email, address

B. Service in the course of the following information may be collected automatically generated.
- IP address, cookies, MAC address, service records, history, bad history, and use

[Purpose of collecting personal information]

For the following reasons, we will collect personal information.

- Identification of petitioner
- Check complaints
- In fact, call for investigation, notice
- Result of treatment

[Personal information retention]

We have laws and use of personal information according to the information age or consent from the subject at the time of collecting personal information and use of personal information held within the period of processing personal information, are reserved.

- Retention: 3 years

[Collection of personal information rights of consent denied]

The applicant for consent to collect this personal information be denied, and in this case, the customer will be limited consultations.